October, Magicians!

We here at have been working for the past month or so on completely revamping our website. Our team worked endlessly to give the site a whole new look, including adding new product categories, new information about ourselves, and TONS of new products!

The site now features hundreds of download options, so you can download secrets of the trade and use materials you already have available to you! We have anything you could need, card tricks, money tricks, math tricks, you name it! You can also see various performances and gain inspiration for your own unique acts. Check out all of your options here: 

We also added over 100 vintage and collector’s decks of cards to the site. There’s so much to explore, whether you’re looking to simply stock up or add interesting and new decks to your personal collection. From casino-grade decks to souvenir decks, we’ve got it all. You can sort through our collector’s decks here: 

Lastly, we’ve begun working to update our products and sales EVERY Monday. That’s right! Every single Monday there will be new items listed on our site. This includes decks, large-scale illusions, creepy kits, magic for kids, and so, so much more! We’re so excited about all the new product we have available for you all. We here at Magic Shop love to foster creativity and open people’s eyes to possibility, and by updating our products frequently, we’re able to help you keep your ideas flowing. 

We’ve put a lot of love, energy and work into making this new site run smoothly and look great. We hope you find it fun to explore, and you’ll continue to allow Magic Shop to meet all your magic needs.

And that’s magic!

-The Magickits Team