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Incredible Traffic Light

Incredible Traffic Light


Two clear plastic sleeves are seen to be holding black cards.

Two clear plastic sleeves are seen to be holding black cards. One card is blank on both sides, and the other has three colored spots. The cards are taken from the sleeves and put face down on the spectator’s hand. When the cards are turned over one spot has magically jumped to the blank card.

The “Incredible Traffic Light” trick is a classic magic routine where the magician appears to control the colors of a traffic light using their magical powers. It is an engaging and interactive trick that often amazes and entertains audiences.

Here’s a general description of the Incredible Traffic Light trick:

  1. Props: The magician typically uses a small model or replica of a traffic light. This could be a handheld version or a larger prop that can be placed on a table or stand.
  2. Performance: The magician presents the traffic light to the audience and explains that they have the ability to control the colors. They demonstrate this by commanding the lights to change in response to their instructions or gestures.
  3. Color Changes: As the magician performs their routine, the colors of the traffic light seemingly change according to their commands. For example, they might ask the audience to shout a specific color, and in response, the corresponding light on the traffic light changes.
  4. Surprise Ending: The trick often concludes with a surprise or unexpected twist. For instance, after demonstrating their control over the lights, the magician might reveal that the traffic light has transformed into a different object or produce a small object from within the traffic light itself.

The Incredible Traffic Light trick relies on various techniques and principles of magic, including misdirection, sleight of hand, and possibly the use of hidden mechanisms or electronic components to control the light changes.

It’s worth noting that there may be different variations and methods for performing the Incredible Traffic Light trick, as it can be adapted and personalized by different magicians. The specific presentation, patter, and additional effects or routines incorporated into the trick can vary.

If you are interested in learning or performing the Incredible Traffic Light trick, I recommend consulting instructional resources, magic books, or seeking guidance from experienced magicians who can provide detailed explanations and tips for its execution.

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