Loudini's Magic Show ® Magic Kit

Loudini’s Magic Show ® Magic Kit


The Loudini’s Magic Kit makes an excellent gift for magicians of all ages.

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This kit features tricks that are magical classics, selected by professional magicians. Kids will love being in on the secrets behind these illusions, and they probably won’t want to share the mysteries with either siblings or friends. Pulling the tricks off seamlessly will take lots of practice, but this set should get kids off to a good start in understanding and performing magic acts.

This kit includes these top quality tricks;

  • Penetration Pen
  • Magic Ball and Vase
  • Magic Card Box
  • Computer Age Cards
  • Hot Rod
  • Large Cups & Balls
  • Magic Rope Trio
  • Multiplying Balls

One of our best deals!  This is a very good kit for the money and it makes a really good supplement to any other magic kit.  This kit includes these tricks from our site;

Magic Ball and Vase (Villamonte’s Magic)     $4.99
Magic Computer Age Card (Villamonte’ Magic) -LK     $4.99
Magic Cups and Balls (Villamonte’s Magic)    $4.99
Professor’s Nightmare (Villamonte’s Magic)     $4.99
Multiplying Balls (Villamonte’s Magic) $6.99
14″ MAGIC WAND     $4.99

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Weight 2.0000 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 10 in