Magic World Kit by Tenyo


Hold onto your hats, Tenyo collectors!!!! This is without a doubt going to be the jewel of your collection….a terrific brand spanking new magic kit, released by Tenyo Magic Company of Tokyo Japan.

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I’ve got to say what immediately struck me about the set was that it was manufactured in the traditional style of Tenyo’s high quality. Everything is exceptionally well made in the kit (the bill changer is the best plastic version I have ever seen in my life). As well, Tenyo has come up with some very creative variations on traditional effects (paddles shaped like leaves, with lady bugs on them, thimbles shaped like bunnies and top hats, and my personal favourite, the Okito box made to look like a genie’s lamp!).

There are several well made traditional effects too, including a very nice set of chrome plated plastic Cups and Balls, the money changer, a magnetic wand, a beautiful svengali deck, and a nice coin and shell set. There are also three traditional Tenyo effects (Lubor’s keys, Coin through Match, and Moonspinner) but what’s great is that the majority of the tricks have never been made by Tenyo before in any other kit or set.



the instructions are in Japanese (this kit will not be released in North America, Tenyo has assured me of this!!) but the drawings and DVD make it easy to master all the tricks.



This kit should go to an adult or collector!



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