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A young assistant is called up from the audience to help you keep an eye on your pizza while it bakes…


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You tell the audience that in the pizza shop that you used to work in the pizzas always disappeared. A seven’-inch, delicious pizza is shown to the audience and your helper.
The pizza oven, which has two doors, is also shown to everyone.
Open the door on the right and ask your helper to put the tasty pizza in the oven.
The baking process begins with a few magic words.

As you prepare to open the door and check on the pizza, the oven is tipped to the side and the pizza rolls across.
The kids can obviously see the pizza roll by, as there is an open space between the two oven doors. The kids will scream and insist that you open the other door.
They shout “It’s on the other side!”
You tip the oven the other way to roll the pizza back to the first oven before you open the door of the second oven.
They shout “It’s on the other side!”
You tip the oven the other way and the pizza rolls back the other way again.
Then you open the first oven door once again. The kids scream again.
You finally open both oven doors at once. The pizza is really gone!
You and your helper search everywhere for the pizza only to find it hanging right on his back!
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