Scanning by Asmadi video DOWNLOAD




SCANNING is a magic effect that allows you to find the spectator’s chosen card in a unique way. 

A deck of cards is given to the spectator to shuffle and a card is selected. The spectator is then asked to re-insert the card of his choice into the middle of the deck and the deck is
shuffled again by the spectator. The magician then uses a smartphone to detect the
spectator’s chosen card one by one, if the spectator’s chosen card is detected, the flash
light on the smartphone will light up.

  • No Gimmick
  • No Stooge
  • No Forcing
  • No Marking Deck
  • No Key Card
  • No Peek
  • No Apps
  • Free Shuffle
  • Can Borrow Deck
  • Works At Any Brand

Download and learn SCANNING now…!