When it comes to the Dancing Cane, learn from a real pro!

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Troy takes the headaches out of learning the Dancing Cane with his ‘packed-full’ instructional DVD.  Each move is explained and demonstrated in great detail so you can easily add this wonderful effect to your performances.  Troy features performances by his son Jeremy, as well as a 9 year old magician named Vincent Villamonte, to show how you can fall in love with this classic illusion AS SOON AS YOU PICK IT UP!  This DVD is a MUST for any magician wanting to learn Dancing Cane routines.  Includes a special bonus section explaining:  The Gimmick(s), the different canes to use, professional tips on practice & rehearsals, backdrops, stage lighting, and much more.  Add a higher degree of entertainment value to your show by performing Troy Tinnean’s Dancing Cane Routine! To find out more about Troy Tinnean go to

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