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Villamonte's Complete Magic Show Kit
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Villamonte's Complete Magic Show Kit

This kit includes a cape (with a secret pocket) and Pop-up Top Hat with several easy-to-do magic tricks.

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This is a GREAT magic kit for children ages 5 through 9.   The staff of has the ability, the sales history and the customer base to figure out what works and what people want in a magic kit.   This kit includes a cape (with a secret pocket) and Pop-up Top Hat with several easy-to-do magic tricks (Note hat does not have a secret compartment). Your child will get excited putting on the cape and top hat and getting ready to perform a magic show for the family. That's the key! Children should have fun and use their imagination. We've created tricks that are easy to learn and easy to perform. Performing the magic is what they will have fun doing. Many years have gone into the creation of this magic kit with the aim to please our target customer, your child.  We believe you will not be disappointed.   The Villamonte’s Complete Magic Show is exclusive to

This magic kit is one of the most innovative magic kits currently on the market.  This kit has two covers (no back) one cover of this kit features the “boy” magician and the other cover the girl.  The decision to have two “fronts” to the box was definitely intentional.  

Female magicians are a valuable part of magic. wanted to make sure any young girl with a love of magic would have a kit that emphasized “girls do magic too”.   Another great aspect of the two covers; gift wrap this kit for a girl with the girl-side is marked “This Side Up” and when she opens it, she will see a beautiful girl doing the magic.

We do not want to exclude the boys though!   If for a boy, mark the boy side and he will be presented with a handsome young magician doing the magic!

The Villamonte's Complete Magic Show Kit features a Pop-up Top hat, specially made magician’s cape, step-by-step instructions, Cups & Balls, Magic Finger Chopper a Magic Wand, and many other great easy-to-learn tricks.


The Amazing Top Hat!

Zig Zag Rope

The Finger Chopper!

A Magicians Magic Wand

Large Cups and Balls

Magic Vision Box

Color Box Escape

Nail Box

Magic has been known to improve a child's:
Hand-eye coordination
Public Speaking Skills
and Imagination!

Villamonte's Complete Magic Show contains; Nylon Taffeta Cape, fabric covered pop-up top hat , lots of magic tricks and a magic wand. This is the perfect item to enhance the enjoyment of the our other Magic Kits. Note: white gloves do NOT come with this item.

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